Loft Insulation

As much as 25% of your heating costs could be escaping through your roof. Loft insulation is a very effective way to reduce your heating bills.

Simply by insulating your loft to the recommended depth of 270mm, you can save wasted energy and money.

There are also grants and offers available to help you ay for Loft Insulation so even if it is not completely free, you will only pay a fraction of the normal cost.

Loft insulation will save you money on your fuel bills and make your home warmer and more comfortable.  The amount of money you save will depend on how much insulation you already have in your loft and how much you put in. 

For further information ring Homewarm free on 0800 220 937.

Free insulation! yes insulating your home is absolutely free if you or your partner are over 70 or on a qualifying benefit.