Grants & Criteria


With up to 60% of heat loss through the walls and roofs it has to make sense to save money on heating your home. The Government states that average households who do not get their insulation completely free should recoup their investment in less than 2 years in saved fuel costs.

Comfort: Insulating your home makes it so much easier to maintain a comfortable temperature, not just in the winter but also in hotter summer times.

Added Value: You can add real value to your home. Our cavity wall insulation work is guaranteed for 25 years by the Cavity Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency. The guarantee is transferable should you move or sell your home at a later date.

Environmentally Friendly: You can play a big part in helping to reduce global warming and cut the impact on the environment from generating energy.

Free Insulation

Yes! Insulating your home is absolutely free if you or your partner are over 70 years of age or you fall into one of the groups listed below you will be eligible for a 100% grant for the work.

Qualifying Benefits

Pay Only a Fraction of the Normal Cost
If you are not in the groups listed above you will still be able to receive a substantial grant to help. Grant monies set aside are limited, so please get in touch with us as soon as possible so that you are not disappointed.

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